Lipoedema Plastic Surgery

Lipoedema Plastic Surgery

I draw on 20 years of experience as a plastic surgeon and 20 years of experience as a lipoedema surgeon in every operation because I am convinced that aesthetics and lipoedema surgery are inseparable. This conviction has given rise to lipoedema plastic surgery, the aim of which is, firstly, to radically eliminate lipoedema and, secondly, to achieve the best possible aesthetic result. For this I stand behind my reputation.


The medical objectives of liposuction

Many people know liposuction as a cosmetic and aesthetic operation. It is very important to know that liposuction for lipoedema is not a cosmetic operation. This intervention has very clear and defined medical reasons.

The objectives of liposuction in cases of lipoedema are

  • to eliminate pain
  • to prevent the progression of the chronic disorder and the proliferation of fatty tissue
  • to permanently and completely remove the pathological fatty tissue
  • to reduce bruising
  • to eliminate or reduce the need for compression tights and manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)
  • to reharmonise the shape of the body
  • to alleviate psychological stress and improve patients‘ well-being

The operating technique

As a lipoedema specialist with many years of professional experience in the surgical treatment of lipoedema, I use the Waterjet Assisted Liposuction method (WAL method), which has proven to be very gentle and particularly effective over the years.

With this proven treatment method, the fat cells to be removed are gently detached from the tissue by means of an ultra-fine, guided waterjet and are thus sucked out directly. The WAL method is particularly gentle and involves very low risk. Generally, the connective tissue structures, nerves, blood vessels and lymph vessels remain virtually intact. In addition, it has been proven that this method results in less bruising and swelling, which ensures faster healing.

I have already been able to help many patients return to a frequently pain-free life thanks to the surgical method of Waterjet Assisted Liposuction and my extensive expertise in this field. This also always includes meeting patients in an individual consultation, and building a good relationship based on trust and cooperation. Patients will of course be accompanied through all the steps, and we will also provide them with the necessary support for post-operative follow-up after a successful liposuction.

Lifting operations

Significant weight loss or natural ageing can lead to sagging or excess skin. Exercise and a balanced diet are not always enough to make the skin retract. If you no longer feel good about yourself, a lifting can bring about relief. If you are considering an abdominoplasty, thigh lift, knee lift or arm lift, you will always be in good hands with your liposuction specialist in Duisburg.

In many cases, most often after significant weight loss or pregnancy, the extensive abdominal wall is no longer able to retract by itself. This is due to a loosening or tearing of the connective tissue in the hypodermis. Since in these cases the skin of the abdomen loses its support and firmness, unattractive and sagging skin flaps or visible stretching (stretch marks) will result.

In order to achieve a considerable improvement of your bodily contour, the most effective solution is to consider a surgical abdominoplasty. This operation will give you very good results, abova all in the long term. This operation consists of permanently removing the excess skin.

Objectives of an abdominoplasty :

  • Removal of loose and excess skin, e.g. after significant weight loss
  • Reduction of loose skin in case of weak connective tissue
  • Recovery of the aesthetic body perception, e.g. in case of overstretched and loose skin after pregnancy
  • Restoration of the balance between the back and abdominal muscles.

Important: Abdominoplasty is not a solution for weight loss.  It is usually performed as a complement to liposuction or on slim, healthy patients whose loose abdominal tissues no longer respond to changes in exercise or diet.

It must also be allowed for that some scars will remain after each operation. In the case of an aesthetic operation such as abdominoplasty, the scars are so small that they are not considered troublesome by the patient. In case of good healing, only a white scar will remain above the underwear area in the form of a line.

The inner thighs are a very sensitive part of the body. The skin in this area is not only thin, but also tends to slacken quickly. Excess skin on the thighs is not only an aesthetic problem. If they are very pronounced, they chafe when walking and cause sore spot, which can be very irritating for people in their life.

Natural ageing or a genetic predisposition can be the cause of excess skin. The natural elasticity of the skin decreases and it becomes loose and disproportionate. In some cases, neither a balanced diet nor exercise can improve or remove the excess skin. In these cases, as an experienced specialist in this field, I suggest a thigh lifting procedure, a very effective treatment, performed in my practice in Duisburg.

During the thigh lifting, fat cells, excess skin and unsightly stretch marks are removed. The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia.

Objectives of a thigh lifting :

  • Removal of excess skin, e.g. after significant weight loss
  • Reduction of loose skin in case of weak connective tissue
  • Lifting of the skin, e.g. after pregnancy

As we age or after significant weight loss, it becomes increasingly difficult to cover up loose skin. Some patients suffer less, others find the wrinkled knees, over which fat rolls often form, extremely bothersome. Perhaps they have already had liposuction of the thighs. However, no additional benefit will be obtained by performing liposuction on their knees. Knee lifting are a very safe and gentle method of removing excess skin and tissue.

Especially after thigh liposuction, a knee lifting is often recommended. This procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis. After the operation, you were be unable to work for 8 to 10 days. In the skin fold above the knee, only a barely visible transverse scar remains.

The skin on the upper arms is one of the thinnest and most sensitive areas of our body. On this part of the body the skin usually suffers much more than on other parts of the body, for example due to weight loss, the influence of oestrogen or due to natural ageing. The result is arms with sagging and wrinkled skin. If the upper arms do not regain their shape despite a balanced diet and targeted exercise, there is the possibility of effectively correcting them with an arm lifting (brachioplasty). During the surgical arm lifting, I remove fatty tissue and excess skin, while maintaining the overall proportions of the arms, so as to create a harmonious transition with the forearm. After the arm lifting, there is usually only a very fine and well-hidden scar in the armpit. If there is more excess skin, the scar will extend along the inner side of the upper arms.

Liposuction with VOCC technique

Aesthetic liposuction is one of the most frequent surgical procedures in cosmetic surgery. Modern, gentle surgical techniques allow for harmonious, individualised and aesthetically convincing results.

The VOCC method is a comprehensive, circular, vector-optimised surgical method that ensures a regular and harmonious result. This allows for impressive surgical results, especially for liposuction of the arms, legs and buttocks. In the meantime, I have used the VOCC technique in over 2000 liposuctions and have been able to achieve consistent and reproducible results with this surgical technique.

Lipoedema in the abdomen

Many patients with lipoedema of the legs and arms notice an increase in fatty tissue in the abdomen during their lipoedema treatment (liposuction). Many patients continue to complain of lipoedema-typical complaints in the abdomen such as pressure pains, a feeling of heaviness and a tendency to bruise.

Notwithstanding a balanced diet and sports activity, weight loss is very difficult or impossible. Often it is not only the upper and lower abdomen that are affected, but also the chin area and especially the neck. It is often in the neck area that patients experience local pain, headaches or even migraine-like symptoms. Other areas often affected are the bra strap area, the flanks and the pubic area. The subjectively perceived pain is comparable to that felt on the legs before liposuction.

All of these areas can be suctioned during a full liposuction by an experienced plastic surgeon.

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