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My mission: Your path back to lightness

As a specialist in plastic surgery, I treated my first lipoedema patient 27 years ago, long before the condition was recognised. My career path then led me in the direction of cosmetic and plastic surgery, but treating people with lipoedema has always been my affair of the heart. For the quality of life that is restored following a lipoedema operation not only changes the life of the patient, but also gives meaning to my life as a surgeon.

In lipoedema surgery everything came together for me. I was able to apply my entire plastic surgery experience first and formost to help patients and in addition to achieve the best possible aesthetic result. Lipoedema surgery became my vocation. Since 2017 I have been working as a specialist in lipoedema surgery and, after having performed more than 2500 liposuctions in the meantime, I can say that I arrived at the right place as a doctor, to accompany you on your path – on your path back to lightness.

What is lipoedema?

What is the  treatment for lipoedema?

You have arrived in your… Safe Space.

Dear Patients,

the term „Safe Space“ initially describes a space that is completely free from discrimination, exclusion and social degradation. „Safe Space“ means a place of retreat. A place where people meet without prejudice, with great respect and empathy. A place where everyone feels comfortable and appreciated. This wonderful concept provides the inspiration for my practice in Duisburg.

That is why I have put together my team with the utmost care. Each member of the team has many years of experience with lipoedema patients or has even been affected by it herself. Why is that? Because understanding comes from understanding. And my wish is, that you feel you are in a safe space with us. A space where you can meet like-minded people. People who truly understand your fears, your needs and your hopes.

Your Dr. Stefan Welss

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Desirée S.

I had a total of four operations by Dr Welss in 2021. I am so grateful to you for my new improved attitude to life, my lightness and my greater self-confidence. If I were to have surgery in this area again, it would only be from you, Dr. Welss, I would not place my trust in any other doctor. I have rarely met such an honest, competent and emphathetic doctor as you. You are wonderful, stay that way. Kind regards from Alsenborn

Ni J.

The best doc in the field of lipoedema! I am more than satisfied and each operation has brought me closer to a pain-free life! My last operation was about 3 years ago and I have had no more problems, not even during my pregnancy in 2022. Thank you once again!
That’s why I would do surgery with Dr. Welss again any time, he does his job with his entire heart and competence!

Yvonne S

The dear Dr. Welss. For me the best doctor in his field. I followed him to Lisumed and now go to his own private practice. He has such a sensitive nature and magically creates beautifully shaped legs and arms with his aesthetic eye. I am a real fan of his and would never go to anyone else . He has a fair price structure and corrects areas that are painful or misshapen and don’t fit in with your overall look. Thank you for your great work and good luck with your new practice.

Jacko A.

Dr. Welss has accompanied me through 3 operations. He and his team are incredibly competent, sensitive, empathetic and understanding. Dr. Welss responds very individually to the needs of his patients. The results of the operations are really great, and since I was operated on by him I finally feel good about myself again. ❤️ During the follow-up he is always available for questions and concerns. Thank you very much for your excellent work!

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